Friday, 30 May 2014

The National Day

It was time to leave Nesna, but we didn't go straight to Poland. Agata and I have spent weekend in Oslo, not only to see the capital city, but also to participate in celebration of the 17th of May - it's a national day in Norway and also in this year it was the 200th anniversary of the Implementation of the Constitution. During this time the main street - Karl Johans gate was absolutely crowded, but it was an unforgettable experience to take part in such an event. We arrived in early morning, left our luggage in a hostel, and went straight to the parade ;)

 Here is the Royal Palace, where the parade ends.

Dozens of people wore Bunader or other traditional costumes.

In the parade took part hundreds of kids. They have a special role in this event, as the great part of the celebration is especially dedicated to them. During the children's parades they are marching, waving the Norwegian flag and carrying school banners. 

The Grand Hotel

Karl Johans Gate

The royal family members waving back from the balcony at the Royal Palace ;)

When we went back to the hostel in the afternoon, the receptionist has treated the guests to a cake ;)
I have to admit, it was awesome. What I liked most - people were really happy about this day! They were spending time with their families, going out, wearing traditional attires, participating celebrations, and were not ashamed of that! It's good to be proud of your history and your country. Obviously, I was just a tourist and observer in Oslo, but I hope we could celebrate our national days in Poland in similar way - cheerfully, surrounded with our relatives, happy about our achievements, and without any political quarrels in the media (at least for one day! ;))

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Farewell, Nesna, farewell...

I have no idea when the time has passed. I remember the day we arrived here. It was early morning, I was completely exhausted after the whole day and night in travel, but I couldn't stop to marvel at all these amazing views I've been surrounded with. Nesna was peaceful and quiet place, which I've been discovering step by step. Even though it is a small town, there was always something to see, something to rediscover. It didn't take long before I felt at home. I have been dreaming for the whole life to go to Scandinavia, to see these fjords and many other things... I can't believe I experienced it all. It was amazing adventure. If you have been reading my previous posts, you could probably see that I've been delighted all the time. But you know - what I wrote here is just a part of what I have seen and experienced. The rest is undescribable, something that I even couldn't put into words. That's way I do and I will recommend such an exchange to everyone who is interested in it.

We tried to use the last days as much as possible. We were spending the whole days together, going out to the gym, shopping, doing photo shoots or just sitting in front of our computers but... together! Yup, nerd parties become really popular those days. We took the last look at Nesna from the view point (and the first, if we don't count being there during night). I really liked this place.

Here is Nesna, seen from the view point in March

And the same in May

There is a book, every one who goes there can write his/her name with date and time ;)

Look, there is my dorm! 

When I say jump, you say how high ;]

I'm so high... ;)

Agata & Alex

Last glimpse...

And some other pictures I wanted to show you:

Some crazy people have jumped into the fjord...

Once we went out at 3 a.m. to see sunrise and eat matpakka together ;)

1.40 a.m. on 24th of April. It's getting brighter and brighter outside...

Guess what! View from my kitchen at midnight. I've taken this picture in the middle of May, just before I left. Midnight Sun is amazing. You spend night with your friends, waiting when it's getting dark, and at last, in the morning you realize that the night doesn't exist any longer. Weird, but awesome at the same time.

Setting Sun, seen from my bed ;3

Good-bye Nesna! Last four months here were amazing. I would like to thank all great people I've met here - thank you for beautiful memories and time we've spent together. I wish you all the best! Helgeland, I miss your mystic beauty already! 


Dønna is another Helgeland island we have visited and the one where Claude lives. The nice thing about the trip is that costs were covered by the University in Nesna, and we only paid for the ferry. We divided into three cars as we had three drivers - Elin, Claude and Hannen Maren. At first, we arrived to Mo i Rana, and I'm still not sure why, because the city is in the opposite direction from our destination. Anyway, we stopped in Mosjøen, then Sandnessjøen, where we saw Petter Dass Museum. We also been to Herøy and then we arrived to Dønna. The trip took the whole day and the majority of time we have spent in cars, because it was the best mean of transport - we didn't have much time but many places to see. Even though I prefer walking and discovering many things on my own, it was a nice trip. ;)

View on the fjord, just out of Nesna. The small island in the middle is Lovund.

Finally I saw a reindeer! Id est, a living one, not one of those in supermarkets.

Mooses! Sorry for the bad quality, but this picture was taken out of the car. 

Another great thing I fell in love with - a mill, called "House of Winds" with descriptions in Latin. It's five-metre-high sculpure made by Sissel Tolaas, incorporated twelve propellers and is executed in reinforced concrete. It is situated near Helgeland Bridge, just outside Sandnessjøen town centre. Great picture here. ;)

Alstahaug Church was built approx. 1200 (or 1100s?) and is one of seven medieval churches still preserved in northern Norway. Norwegian poet Petter Dass served here as a priest from 1689 until he died in 1707. The Church and the museum are located about 20 km south of Sandnessøjen.



The Petter Dass Museum. It turned out that this man was not only a commonly known writer and author of many Lutheran poems and psalms in Norwegian, but also a priest who served in Nesna. I took a look at the pictures I have taken at the beginning and it turned out that this mysterious figure in front of church in Nesna is... 

Petter Dass himself! Now I can die in peace. 
But let's go back to the Museum.

Some girls even in museum couldn't refrain from taking a selfie.

View out of the window.

Accessories with Petter Dass.

Watch out! A moose!

Then we sailed to Herøy.
 I wonder how in such a small ferry was enough place for all those cars and trucks.


De syv Søstre (The Seven Sisters) - a mountain range on the island of Alsten.

Then we divided into two groups - the majority of us went with Claude to the view point in Dønna, and Daria and I stayed with Elin and Hannen, and we were driving around the island. 

We went to Gleinsneset, which is a burial site with 21 graves from the Iron Age.

And then we found... a phallus! (fallossteinen) I.e. a phallic stone on burial mound in Dønna, which was found on Vardhaugen on Glein. Supposedly, it was created in honour of Njord and Nerthus. Well, Hannen and Elin told us that if you dance around it, you'll find a good husband, so...

Helgeland Bridge (Helgelandsbrua) crosses the Leirfjorden between the mainland and the island Alsta. Sandnessjøen is located just the southwest of the bridge on the island.