Monday, 24 February 2014


One day I received an email with information about meeting concerning an exchange with Norway. I wanted to visit Scandinavia since I remember, so I couldn't miss such an opportunity. Even though I didn't believe that I had any chance - I would regret that I didn't even try. I went there. I haven't paid much attention to all enumerated advantages of such exchange – I wanted to go, even if there weren't any. I've made a list of all necessary documents and their deadlines, afterwards - I delivered it to the office in a couple of days. Then I could only wait for decission.

13th December, Italy. It was beautiful sunny morning, when my phone rang. A woman calling from unknown number said that I got to the exchange, but this day is a deadline for another pile of documents. I have explained that I am abroad, I couldn't even check my email and promised that next day I'll be back and bring all necessary documents. Of course I hadn't any idea what will it be.

Since I came back to Poland, everything happened very quickly. It has been a lot of paperwork, I was tired and I really started to think about giving up. Then came Christmas time and I could take a proper rest, without thinking about all these formalities waiting for me. After New Year I focused on writing my papers, bringing rest of documents and setting a date with teachers when I could get the grade. My last week at the university was the craziest time ever. During this time I slept about three - four hours per night, ate in a hurry and had to pass around 3 subjects each day. When I came back I had to cram for another exams, which normally I should take in a three weeks time. Another difficulty I have encountered was collecting signatures and grades to my index book. Some of my teachers were available only in one hour a day, especially when I took another exam or was meeting with other lecturer in another building. Fortunately, there was a group of friends and classmates who were supporting me all the time. Without their help I guess I could fail half of my exams ;) Satisfaction and relief after finishing this race with time and tiredness were indescribable.  

Now, again everything happened really quickly. I signed the agreement, moved out from Szczecin, met with friends and said goodbye, bought all stuff that I could need in next four months, packed luggage and... went to the airport.  

The whole travel from Szczecin-GoleniĆ³w took about 24 hours. First – a flight to Oslo Torp, then by train to Oslo, from Oslo another train to Trondheim, from Trondheim to Mo i Rana. From Mo i Rana we took bus to Nesna, where we arrived around 8 a.m., 29th Jan 2014.

Exhausted but happy, we met our coordinator, Elin. :)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Let's get it started

Those of you who know me quite well, must wonder what happened that I have created a blog. I usually was making fun of the whole 'subculture of bloggers' and idea of describing almost everything that somebody has seen or done, uploading thousands of photos of their fashionable clothes or teenagers presenting make-up tutorials. Honestly - I found it really weird that people started to live more online than in a real world and that nowadays almost everyone can be an expert in some fields, just because they share their opinion on the Internet.

So what am I doing here?

Definitely it wasn't a change of heart and I'm still sceptical about this whole idea of being a blogger. I have created this one because it's necessary to get a signature from ICT in Society. Nevertheless, it may be somehow more convenient for me to describe some events once and then just to send a link, than to explain to each and every person the same thing.

'Please allow me to introduce myself...' - I'm a student of Szczecin University in Poland. On the second year of English I applied for an exchange with Norway. Now I'm living and studying in Nesna - small town in Nordland - Northern Norway. This blog will be concerned with my studies, living in Scandinavia and so on. There will also appear something about communication - obligatory element to get the grade. Anyway - we'll see. It's the very first time I write a blog, so please - be patient and lenient. ;)

Just to mention - maybe some posts will be in Polish, but first I have to write in English as much as possible. Anyway, I hope my language is clear and understandable. Of course, I'm still learning, and if you have doubts about something - just let me know. Usually good feedbacks help me to improve some skills. : )