Monday, 4 August 2014

Festival of Slavs and Vikings

For the first time I have visited Wolin (the museum and the village) a couple of years ago. The village was reconstructed in the same style it used to be one thousand years ago. I was amazed with this place and I decided to come back there during the festival.
Festival of Slavs and Vikings is an outdoor event in the form of experimental archeology. It takes place annualy at the first weekend of August. The event gathers over 1500 active participants (i.e. warriors, craftsmen, musicains etc.) from 21 countries and around 37.000 tourists (data from 2008).

More pieces of infomation about this place, the festival and the schedule you can find here.

A year ago I had an opportunity to take part in the festival. What I liked most was beautiful medieval music, interesting people and the fact that the whole atmosphere takes us one thousand years backwards. Below you can see some pictures from the 19th edition.


A tattoo being made in a traditional way. There's a needle at the end of a wooden stick.

I was caught!

The Battle of Jomsborg

I enjoyed the whole event that much, that this year I took a day off just to come here.
Below you can see a photo-relation from 20th edition of the festival.


I fell in love with these viking bracelets. 
Unfortunately, they are made of silver and are expensive as hell. One costs about 400 zł.
(Someday I will buy one anyway!)

Chicken feet

And a hand of blood ;)

The whole families come here. Even the youngest are dressed in the traditional attire.

Nice skull, btw.

Later on, there was a competition between men: who has the best beard?

The man I voted for.

And his beard with braids.

Mjölnir / Mjølner - the hammer of Thor

A Svantevit's place of cult

I've almost lost my head! 
There's much more happening on the festival, and what I have shown you are just some parts and details of the whole event. That's why I strongly recommend you to go there and feel one thousand years younger! :)